Being attacked by a lizard, the poisonous snake immediately bit back, but the bite could not penetrate the lizard’s anti-poison skin.

In the clip, an iguana is being kept in a cage with a horned viper. Right after that, a fierce battle broke out.

The flag actively attacked the opponent first, but was bitten back by a dangerous venomous snake. Surprisingly, after the bite of the venomous snake, the lizard still won and was completely unharmed.

Although not immune to venom like other snakes, the monitor lizard has a hard, thick skin. Therefore, the snake was not able to inject venom into the opponent. As a result, the viper was eaten by the iguana.

The iguana is a large reptile. The whole body is covered with a layer of scales. They have long necks, strong tails and legs, and well-developed limbs. Outward appearance looks like a lizard but is larger and longer, can be up to 2.5m – 3m long, weighs about 10kg.

They like to soak, hunt in rivers and streams like crocodiles. The iguana usually lives in forested areas near rivers, streams, creeks, swamps, islets, and humid tropical forests.

The iguana is a carnivore. In the wild, they often catch mice, bugs, frogs, frogs, snakes, eels, fish, lizards. Sometimes iguanas also boldly steal crocodile eggs.