The lion asked the gods for help to escape from the lair of 100 hungry crocodiles

Crocodiles and lions are the most fearsome predators in the wild world. They often have thrilling and sometimes deadly encounters.

This is a special case. A hungry lion was trying to take over a large hippo carcass in the middle of a stream.

The lion had not eaten for many days and he took a risk for a free meal.

But this was a big meal for the crocodile and it was a struggle to get to the hippo. Immediately the crocodiles gathered and enjoyed the party.

The lion is surrounded by a scary crocodile feast and is waiting to be fed to the crocodile.

The bravery of a king urged the lion to flee, and at its feet were hundreds of hungry crocodiles.

Determined and carrying out his intention, the lion jumped far and quickly swam away when he fell into the water. The crocodiles were probably too focused on the party and let the lions escape.

A moment of fear for the lion and he will certainly not dare to compete for the crocodile’s food again in the future.